About Us

An Oyster, an extra wonder of Mother Nature originates in deep sea remains precious.

Pearls take pleasure in even more valuable mark as a single pearl is identified while seeking out a hundred OYSTERS. No doubt, this uniqueness of an oyster keeps surprising us and motivates us to offer as innovative, matchless and value added services as pearl to our esteemed clientele. At Oyster InfoMedia we follow an oyster by offering unique solutions to deliver just not single, but multiple pearls in the variety of our the services and relevant solutions which can help our esteemed customers across the globe for stimulation their business development.

Strategy & Consulting – Business consulting for marketing & sales optimization, online presence planning & implementations, online branding & online marketing strategies is our core strength. We understand client’s business thoroughly and then strategize for their relevant requirements, for this we use deep rooted techniques to uncover the required pearl of wisdom for their business growth, which provides it a continuous rise.

At Oyster, we strongly believe in our team and work only with the clientele who believe in us. We are a team of Young and dynamic creative thinkers who are well trained to think out of the box to go an extra mile to offer the most finest of the solutions to our clientele.

Nilesh – Founder

Nilesh is dynamic blend of the wealth in creativity and entrepreneurship with one and half decade of professional proven experience in creative solutions towards brand management, today he is into business from eight years. He specializes in creative direction with is unmatched visualization for client’s design requirements with a clear focus on crafting innovative digital user experiences.

His broad technical talent comprises mastery of a array of various tools for creative solutions, experience with a range of platforms, as well as a comprehensive understanding of industry practices to optimal level: from Enterprise design, to Enterprise expertise inspection, choosing and implementing details. With his immense Technical perception, Nilesh presents the knowledge of proven Production execution, experienced Team Leadership, and a perpetual and passionate Entrepreneurial Spirit.

Swapneel – Co-Founder


Strongly believing in the concept - "Strategy defines Structure" and ability to set Objectives while putting the right talent in place and drive to achieve the goals "Come What May" is "The mantra" for Swapneel.

Swapneel is an Enthusiastic Leader and unshakably optimistic sales and marketing strategist to make a difference in people around him. He believes in bright future and is passionate about adding value to people’s lives with blend of all the skill sets he possesses in business and spiritual awareness. He believes in the ability to build business together, hence encourages business relationships as well as participates in the Creative Processes with the team to make the recommended strategic blueprint a reality.

With thirteen rich years of knowledge and expertise, he has devoted his being to sharing his accepted wisdom in order to facilitate top executives, entrepreneurs and organizations motivate actions. His approach is always as a consultant to boost ones business with different media especially through eCommerce, mCommerce, digital marketing. His expertise lies in branding, marketing and sales strategies for start-up, SMEs and large businesses.

The best of him comes from the strategic thinking, commitment and the power to Dream, Visualise and develop Opportunities with the combination of interpersonal skills to promote his ideas internally and externally with the business insights to make sure those ideas enhance the bottom line meeting aggressive deadlines.